Tangible Flavors

Fix is the result of an iterative design journey that began with an article of garbage. Beginning with a piece of tape, Fix imagines a future where chefs would cook with rolls of ingredients that melt down in their pans to produce the intended flavors. I began the process began with 100 sketches.

I worked to find the benefits this new "food tape" could provide by storyboarding a few use cases: the strips could be used to mitigate food waste while cooking, provide meal alternatives to busy people, or offer an easier form of portion control.

It was from this point that the first branding effort was created: Fibr—referencing both daily nutrients as well as the form of the actual strips.

From there I went to the kitchen in order to mockup some prototypes. Blending spices and Tylose powder—usually used for creating gum paste decorations for cakes—the first actual samples of this new product were produced.

I continued my exploration by imagining three strategic business partnerships, drafting fictional press releases for the resulting brand collaborations. Here, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would provide meal strips to lower socioeconomic communities, SpaceX would release their first public-facing product, Mars Meal Ration Strips, and America's Test Kitchen develops a molecular gastronomy recipe book.

Because so much of a designer’s work is looking at the consequences of design, I focused on creating two different app prototypes: one for good and one for evil. The good app is a marketplace for purchasing the Fibr products—along with a place to find and share recipes. Leveraging the tape metaphor, the app includes a section showing how the strips could be used to “mend” your meals; if they came out too sweet, too sour, or too salty.

The evil app, FLVR HCKR, imagines a world where people pirate proprietary flavors from restaurants and share them with the world. Here, the food tape is used to recreate the flavors at home.

After rebranding the flavor strips as FIX, I developed a comprehensive marketing campaign, including packaging, billboards, and signage around the country.