The LED table lamp was created as a treatment light that delights as well as serves a distinct therapeutic purpose - helps to combat seasonal affective disorder. The form of the lamp resembles a giant LED and coin cell battery which when placed between the LED leads, turns the lamp on. With the appropriate wavelength of light, the lamp allows exposure to blue light when going outside during the winter months is difficult.

The LED shape is constructed of an acrylic dome and cylinder filled with plastic pellets. The LEDs are soldered onto a laser cut piece of acrylic and a small arduino circuit switches the LEDs on when contact is sensed between the aluminum "leads" of the lamp. The connection between these leads is made via a battery-shaped solid block of aluminum. The coin cell was created by electroetching the surfaces with salt water, a 12V battery and vinyl decals.

The lamp is featured in a short film I directed. Over a five week timeframe, I worked with designer Ailun Sai to craft the script, storyboard the scenes, shoot, edit, and do the visual effects for the narrative video.